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The other day I found a treasure of old photos, some of my old blog posts I’d saved on Microsoft Word, and a plethora of unfinished poetry. Since then, I’ve been rescuing my blog posts and adding them to my site. As many of you know, I deleted those old posts years ago and I’ve regretted it. Not everything from those files is well written—I wince a lot when I read my old stuff—but it’s all a record of who I was and the growth and changes I’ve gone through.

I think I miss most the comments from my followers. Those are gone forever.

Anyway, I’ve been plugging those holes, rebuilding the past. Lots of old poems, art and photographs to look at. And more on the way.

So stop by, leave comments at my About page, and don’t be a stranger.

I’ll end now with a sunset photo at a lake near my home. A perfect place to collect my thoughts and find peace.


The Photos


Is photography art? If so, when does a photograph become art? And who decides?

Is it when we want a photograph framed and hanging in our homes that it becomes art?

I’m considering adding some of my photography to this blog. But I’m undecided on whether to add it under my Art heading or give it its own heading.

I’m not a professional photographer. I take snapshots of things I like. I don’t define my photographs as art, but many friends and family members do.

I believe skilled craftsmanship is the defining element of art. Art turns the ordinary into something extraordinary… something people want framed and hanging in their homes. I don’t consider any of my photographs extraordinary. The elements in my photography are timing and good luck.

If my photographs are to be called anything, I think the right word is “interesting.” Nothing more.

But friends and family disagree and tell me I’m too hard on myself. So with that in mind, photography as art, I suppose, dwells with all things art: in the eye of the beholder. Which returns us to my dilemma: What do I list it as? Art? Photography? Or just plain Pics?.

The photograph above of an American Bald Eagle sitting in a tree in my backyard is a “right place, right time” lucky snapshot that I really like looking at. So much, in fact, that I’m thinking about framing it for my office. Maybe when I do, I’ll have figured out where it belongs here.

Update, 9/15/2017:

My photography will be under the heading Photos.








Fires In Ashbarrels, The Art

Abstract Boat Art

Let’s talk about manipulating digital images. That’s a real thorn for photography purists who hate even macro photography. But I don’t think there are any of those dinosaurs still around. I think every old photographer alive today has digitized their stock photos and then manipulated the hell out of them in Photoshop or other image-editing software just to discover something new in their work. That’s the artist in us. And my artist loves manipulating her photos.

I suck horribly at Photoshop. But that doesn’t mean I’ve always been unsuccessful with it. Sometimes I create something new and spectacular enough that I want to frame it and hang it with my other photography. And sometimes all that playing and being creative makes me break out my paints and brushes and spend time painting.

I find nothing wrong manipulating my photographs. It’s fun. And it’s something I can do with my children… even the youngest, who likes slapping the keyboard and has created some interesting art that way. After all, if it isn’t fun, why do it?

Following are 5 photographs of a boat. The first one is the original, followed by 4 manipulated images. The last photograph is the one I chose to frame for my office. My signature was laid in with a special marker made for writing and drawing on fabric.

Fires In Ashbarrels, The Photos

Pretty Postcards?

Here are more photographs. Today’s theme is water. I have a deep love and respect for water. I grew up around it, lived on it, and traveled to some of its depths. If ever I were a fictional character, I would be a mermaid with the ability to have legs to walk the shore. Best of both worlds, you know.

Fires In Ashbarrels, The Photos

8 Photographs

I am sharing some latest photographs after browsing some vacation files on my camera. Enjoy.

My Tangerine Days, The Photos


Several months have passed since I posted any sunset photographs. Don’t worry, I’m correcting that oversight now.

Below are 4 beautiful photographs taken during a sunset at one of my favorite lake getaways. I could carry on forever why I love sunsets on water, but I’ll let the photos speak for me.


My Tangerine Days, The Photos

6 Random Favorite Photos, 2 of 2

By now you know I love mountains.
They are beautiful to look at and dangerous to be on.
Sometimes the best beauty is viewed at from afar.

And sometimes beauty must be seen up close.

Beauty is found indoors.

Sometimes we trek many miles looking for beauty.

Beauty is everywhere, day and night…

…Even after a storm during holiday in the UK.