The Poems

When I Came With You (Revisited)

It was here one night
among white blossoms and junipers
that we lay touching
while the rest of the world
snored in their small beds

We breathed frost words to breezes on branches
breathing deeply in the deep woods
with no earthly destination
hidden behind the pulse of dawn
throbbing on a trigger’s touch

You were delicate incense I lit alone

In silence
my fingers found the sweep of stars on bare skin—
a house-warmth murmur of Christmas gold when you breathed

You were a bird
whose only cry came in color in the company of starlight
whistling up the violets
in a garden wilderness of dawn’s yellow daylight
flowering into streaming pinks
and fleshed with rose petals when I came with you

Photo Credit:
 Meireles Neto




The Poems

Car Hysteria (Seduction Revisited)

Earlier today
shopkeepers seduced pot-bellied old men
with sleek
brand-new cars
that rubbed and kissed their trousers
and guaranteed to stop lonesomeness

Erstwhile minds backpedaled on leather seats
where stale memories surfaced and breathed new air
striking deals in brown cubicles
under the breath of fresh coffee

What she feared most
kicked and scratched
and wanted to grow big enough to crawl
from the backseat of a yellow Pantera
and seduce her all over again
while her husband and she waited
for his father to sign the lease
as wordy as Shakespeare but lacking any color

She stayed away from the thing of her past
that once bit her crotch for the taste of her sex

Some memories are the turmoil
of a soul knotted like hair in vomit
where forlornness and tumultuousness sting

Photo Credits:
 Tiko Giorgadze
 Matt Glm




The Poems

Dream Voyeur

When I sleep
you hide paralyzed in the shadows of my bed
where your courage to live vanished long ago

In your world of mocking corpses
you rub against me
in wingless dreams and knitted walls
and empty stares
that run from the drum of my heart

You bleed broken knuckles
against your hidden door to empty stairs
that led you once to a girl like me

You bring me fists of her dead flowers
and promise me a future of your past faded worlds

You wear her memory around your neck—
the noose of every man hanged by rejection
to bleed broken
among all the eggs of the future

But you live your death
in these halls of feeble footsteps
outside my room
where your twitching fingers bleed to open empty cameras
and nail me to the windows of your eyes

Photo Credit:
 Alex Boyd



Fires In Ashbarrels, The Poems


She rode her motorcycle’s heat
between her legs from an engine
like constant thunder.

The frame and the ride were hot.

She shivered like a dangling shoe on the end of a naked foot.
She pointed her knees at men she found interesting.
The exposure to the frisky wind
and throbbing engine
were like a million hands fondling her thighs.

She never walked the same again.



My Tangerine Days, The Poems

Kisses (Our Kisses Revisited)

Lower your lips to my heart
Where our souls touch and flame
Where you are ageless in my embrace
Protected enough to say you love me

Lay with me over moss and leaf
Drenched in last night’s rain
Their shimmering surf at our thighs
Where diamonds and poetry love to weep

In this discovery I descend with you
Your sweat and breath fill my caresses
Like blossoms joyous in formal delight
Mating when they wander from the sun

Even the trees shut their eyes to our pleasure
Bending on us bald and wild
Bearing witness to the moments born
When you and I come kissing…

The Poems, This Blue Pen


Today at market,
shopkeepers showcased brand-new cars
and seduced nearsighted and potbellied old men
with promises to stop their loneliness.

The promises were offers of a future
spent speeding on swift wheels.

And so the old men were kissed by shiny chrome
rubbing their trousers,
and were spent dreaming of getting laid
upon the smooth bellies of animal skin inside.

shopkeepers picked their pockets
as each wallet and infatuation came undone.

And I stood alone bearing my breasts, ignored.

The Poems, This Blue Pen


Tonight embraces me with its darkness
That’s where you will find me
Waiting for you
Waiting with loving hands
Wanting you
Quivering with anticipation beneath my consuming touches of exploration

Darkness, do not mute my cries
Ablaze inside the night

Find me
Caress me
Take me to the pinnacle spinning out of control
Guttered with our passion
You me
I you
Coming together