The Art

Farm Sky Painting

Forgive my excitement if it seems like I’m bragging, but I’m excited right now with my latest accomplishment. I love it when a painting I do ends up well. That doesn’t happen often. But I stayed focused all the way. I’m sure it was because of my huge crush on skies and farms and gorgeous sunsets.

Two views. Enjoy.

My Tangerine Days, The Photos


Several months have passed since I posted any sunset photographs. Don’t worry, I’m correcting that oversight now.

Below are 4 beautiful photographs taken during a sunset at one of my favorite lake getaways. I could carry on forever why I love sunsets on water, but I’ll let the photos speak for me.


My Tangerine Days, The Photos

6 Random Favorite Photos, 2 of 2

By now you know I love mountains.
They are beautiful to look at and dangerous to be on.
Sometimes the best beauty is viewed at from afar.

And sometimes beauty must be seen up close.

Beauty is found indoors.

Sometimes we trek many miles looking for beauty.

Beauty is everywhere, day and night…

…Even after a storm during holiday in the UK.


My Tangerine Days, The Photos

6 Random Favorite Photos, 1 of 2

I love mountains, woods, water … and boating.

One of Alaska’s biggest moneymaking exploits.
I’m not a fan, but my family loves it.

Big skies, wilderness and water are perfect getaways.

Photographing nature is looking and seeing.

Big places to live among bigger nature.

Finally, a look at the modern mixed with the old.

My Tangerine Days, The Photos

Majestic Bird

When I lived in southwest New York, the state reintroduced the Bald Eagle into the environment. I don’t know how many eagles were brought in or where the state placed them, but this grand fellow became a common sight in the sky over my cabin. I took lots of photos, but most were blurry. These 2 photographs are the best of the bunch.

My Tangerine Days, The Photos

Lake Erie

The best thing about being away from California’s coast is visiting large lakes. This is Lake Erie in New York, not far from where some of my relatives live. Not as warm or rocky, but still nice to look at—and to relax at.


My Tangerine Days, The Photos

Sunset Night At Sea

Another out-of-focus sunset snapshot. Despite its technical flaws, I love this photograph—the golds and reds are fading and the darkening blues speak of the promise of night and the solitude there. That’s where the artist is most at home: alone with herself but never lonely.