The Poems

The Poet

The boy who lost his mother gnarled like a bear—
tough bear he

But away from the bestial
he had softness in his eyes—
they laughed even when he and his words were sharp
and sometimes ambiguous

He showed the plumpness of his belly to his closest friends
and grunted like a pig and poet
laughing behind his scars
with eagerness to taste color from afar

He took from the sunglow like an artist hunched at his easel
and painted everyone—
even the ones who had no power to imagine

He painted deaf-mutes with love that ran down his breast
ripping chords from the constellations
and opening creation’s ingenious blindness
to music that volleyed beyond his art that transcended ages
and volleys still
in us all

Photo Credit:
 John Lennon



Lola's Writing, My Tangerine Days

I Need KISSed

As a busy working wife and mom, I have little time to spend at social websites. When I was single with lots of “me time”, Facebook and places like it were convenient ways to stay abreast of the daily happenings of my family and friends. But after a while, it became a chore fitting my social sites into my schedule.

No more. The Internet hogs too much of my time making me bounce from one site to the other: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my email account—the list goes on! I need fast, in a flash, ONE website to log in where I can blog, post pics and recipes, talk to my family, order clothes, read an ebook or emag, take a class at an eschool, read my email, and order takeout at the restaurant down the street, all without logging my IDs and passwords into different websites. Call it a central hub, if you will, but I need it. Call it convenience—that’s what I need in my busy life. Call it impossible—maybe. But until it happens, I’m doing all I can to KISSing: Keeping It Simple, Stupid. And until the Internet can KISS me as well, I’m spending less time at social sites and making no apologies.

The Internet is a time hog. And until it’s streamlined for my taste, I’ll keep dreaming of better days.